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Download the CFI License Package

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The License Package Includes:

  • The CFI Capitalization Spreadsheet
    • An excel spreadsheet detailing all investments to date in Licensee entity, providing estimate of current value of each investment as well as estimate of full enterprise valuation.
  • Formal Non Exclusive License Agreement
    • A more formally executed version of the Online License Agreement, having essentially the same provisions.
  • Convergent Financial Instrument™ (CFI)
    • Aka Convertible Flexponent™ Instrument. An executable form of contract between Licensee entity, and its investors, providing a form which implements a CFI.

The CFI License Package is intended for legal entities registered in their respective states. To purchase you must create an account with your entity name and address, and state of registration.

By purchasing this License Package you agree that you have read the Online License Agreement, and that you agree as a licensee, to all of the terms of the Online License Agreement. If you have not read the Online License Agreement please click here to do so.

* A non-exclusive entity specific license, licensing said entity to utilize the CFI as its funding mechanism.
* Downloadable legal forms, NOT including legal advice. The advice of a licensed attorney is still required, CFI Capital does NOT encourage any entity to use these or any forms off of the internet to conduct business, without the advice of a licensed attorney. However, the use of these forms should minimize the amount of time required from attorney to utilize the CFI for capitalization and fund raising.

CFI License Acquisition Process:

  1. After reading the Online License Agreement, click on the add to cart button, and make payment of initial license fee of $3000.00.
  2. You will be given an opportunity to enter the name, address, and email address of your entity, and to provide login credentials. After making payment you will receive download access to the CFI Capitalization Spreadsheet, and Instructions4CapSpreadsheet.
  3. At our first opportunity, we will look up in state records to confirm the name and current registered status of your entity, and we will send to your email a Formal Non Exclusive License Agreement. You will need to print out this agreement, it must be signed by someone with the authority to legally bind the entity. Then you must scan in the signed agreement, and attach it to an email and returned back to the same email you received it from, at Someone with the authority to bind CFI Capital will then sign the form, scan it in, and return a copy of the fully execute Formal License Agreement to your same email address. Please do not change email addresses through this process.
  4. Once access to the initial license fee funds, and to the fully signed Formal License Agreement have both been obtained, you will be given access to the Convertible Flexponent™ Instrument, (CFI) itself, which is an executable form of contract usable between Licensee entity, and its investors, which implements a CFI. This form is provided devoid of legal advice. The legal advice of a licensed attorney should be sought and obtained by Licensee entity to advise Licensee entity on any legal ramifications of utilizing the CFI or any legal document.
  5. A modifiable text document version of the CFI may be made available upon request, at CFI Capital’s discretion. However, note that the license requires that Licensee provide any modifications made and used in a contract or agreement between Licensee entity and any investor, be provided back to CFI Capital, prior to using any document with said modifications.